Installing ObscureEncrypter

When first downloading ObscureEncrypter, it is downloaded as a zip. The zip file should be extracted to a directory such as "c:\". Once down you should have a directory called "ObscureEncrypter". This should contains the necessary files to run ObscureEncrypter.

To run ObscureEncrypter users can either use the jar files or batch files, the batch files use the jar files themselves.

Once ObscureEncrypter has been unzipped and extracted in a directory you will find the contents of the directory similar to the one below

The directory contains the following files 


    1.   RunMe.bat

RunMe.bat like an exe file runs by double clicking on it. It sets your classpath and runs ObscureEncrypter[x] jar file. So whenever you want to run the application use RunMe.bar

    2.   Setup.bat

Setup.bat should only be when you haven't installed the Java Cryptography classes. Because ObscureEncrypter uses a number of encryption classes it needs to access these classes. By running Setup.bat the batch file copies the necessary files to your runtime directory usually under "c:\jdk[x]\jre\ext". Checkout the installation guide for more information

    3.   Setup.jar

Setup.jar contains a number of class files which are used by Setup.bat

    4.   ObscureEncrypter[x].jar

If you have setup your environment correctly then you can use the jar file directly by right clicking and selecting openwith and then "javaw". Otherwise use RunMe.bat which also load this jar file.

    5.   "crypt" directory

The crypt directory contains important cryptography classes which this application uses. Setup.bat copies them to your runtime directory in order for them to work





Copyrighted to Asif Akhtar 2003