Using ObscureEncrypter

Obscure & Encrypt File

The Generated Files

UnObscure & Decrypt File

Clean Up

Once all files have been extracted to the directory you should have the following files

Step 1

If this is the first time you are using ObscureEncrypter then you need to copy the contents of crypt to the runtime directory, these files a the encryption classes and without out them ObscureEncrypter will not work. 

Double click on "Setup.bat".

The following screen should get displayed


In the background is an ms dos screen, don't worry about this. The setup screen above gives information on the time of JDK and Java runtime version you are using. As you can see my Java Version is 1.3.1_04 and the runtime environment is the same. 1.3 and above are compatible with this application. If you get empty fields in any of the box then you either don't have a JDK or JRE installed. Download them from http://www.java.sun.com.

In EXT Home field should tell you where the runtime environment resides. The setup application will copy the necessary files to this directory to make the encryption classes available to the application. 

Click "ok"

Once the files have been copied the application should start up with a splash screen as so.

 Because this application uses Suns JCE Encryption classes and algorithms you have to agree to their agreement. In the folder "Licence" are these agreements. If you click I agree you acknowledge and accept theirs and ObscureEncrypters terms.

Click "I Agree....."

The ObscureEncryption application should load. To Obscure and unobscure files use the next section below.

Obscure & Encrypt File

When obscuring following the following options.

    1. First time users need to create a key so check the "New Key" box

    2. Each time you obscure a file always check the new properties check box

    3. Click Break

    4. Once Break has been clicked the following screen opens

The title at the top "key location" tells you what the box is for. This box is asking for the location of where to save your key [don't worry about what the key and properties file is] Don't lose the key as it is the only thing that can decrypt your file. Simply type anything in the file name box and select open. The name doesn't matter as I have done below.

I have simply typed rubbish here. The location is all that matters. 

5. The following box opens next

This box just needs the location for the properties file. The name here doesn't matter so you can type anything in the box.

6.    The next box to open

This is the location of where to save the obscured files. Once again the name isnt important just the location so type anything for the filename

7.  The next box is important

This box asks for the file that you want to obscure. I have selected a zip file to obscure. Click Save 

8.    The following box appears next

Select Yes This application DOES NOT overwrite the original file.

It takes ObscureEncryption a few seconds to obscure the file and to generate the neccesary files. Below is further information on what is generated.

Once obscured you should get a box similar to

This states the obscuring has finished with "100%" at the bottom progress bar 


Obscured Files generated

When you obscure a file three files are generated along. Remember the original file still exists and should be deleted if you are happy with the obscuring.

This is my directory

The content of the directory above include

1.    j-0.18.0-binary.zip - The original which was encrypted

2.    BF-950386695.Blowfish - The Key used to obscure and encrypt the file

3.    obs-950386695.obscured - The obscured File

4.    Properties-950386695.prop - This file contains the order the broken file goes in.

The Obscured File [obs-xxxxxxx.obscured]

The obscured file contains the file which you encrypted, in a cryptic and obscured form. By using the key and properties file the contents can be extracted and returned into the original form.

 The Properties File [Properties-xxxxxxx.prop]

The properties file hold the sequence in which the file was obscured without it the file cant be decrypted. For extra security the properties file could be placed in a different location to the key and obscured file.


The Key [BF-xxxxx.Blowfish]

You may have noticed that the application didn’t request a username and password when encrypting the file. The reason for this is that instead of using usernames and password it instead uses keys. BF-xxxxx.Blowfish is an example of such a key. You should treat the key as you would treat the username and password. Don’t keep them with the obscured file or the properties file. As the files can be decrypted using it. The obscured file [obs-xxxxxxx.obscured] and the properties file [Properties-xxxxxxx.prop] can be placed anywhere. Just don’t keep your key near them.


You can use the same key when encrypting a file. Simply UNCHECK the “New Key” box when using the break command.


The name of the key, properties file and obscured file contain a secure id. This allows the user to match the properties file to the obscured file.




UnObscure & Decrypt File


To unobscure your file which has been obscured and encrypted, follow the following instruction.


1. ONLY check the "New Properties Box" and Click "Combine" button as so



2.     The first screen will ask for the key


The above diagram shows the key being selected, press “Open”


3. The next box asks for the properties file location



Select the properties file and click "okay" 


4. The next windows asks where to save the decrypted file



The name isn't important just the location so you can type anything in the filename box


5. The last step is to select the file which is to be decrypted. [The obscured File]



Select is as so and click "open"


A few seconds later the file will have been decrypted and UnObscure.


The properties, key and obscured file remain so the encryption isn't required again.



Clean Up


Clean simply cleans the temp directory of all the files which are used



















Copyrighted to Asif Akhtar 2003