What is ObscureEncrypter?

ObscureEncrypter that takes Encryption to the next Level. Rather then just encrypt files it also obscures the file making it worthless even if it is decrypted. ObscureEncrypter provides three levels of security.


    1.   Encryption

The First thing which ObscureEncrypter  does is to encrypt the whole file with a 448 bit level of Encryption the highest currently available. It uses Blowfish to provide this high level encryption. Future releases will use DES and other Encryption algorithms

    2.   Obscurity    

The Next level is to obscure the file by breaking into smaller parts. This makes it harder for people to read the contents of the file even if they manage to decrypt the file. Once the file is broken up their is not way to find the right order except without the properties file and key. [This is discussed later]

  2.   Obscure Encryption    

Once the file has been broken up it is further encrypted. This is done by encrypting the smaller files. This makes it more difficult to read as now the unauthorised person has to decrypt each file then stick them together in the right order and decrypt the whole file again.


This form of encryption makes it virtually impossible for the unauthorised person to access your files or to read their content









Copyrighted to Asif Akhtar 2003