Frequently Asked Questions

Is ObscureEncrypter an Encryption Program?

ObscureEncrypter is not only an encryption program but also an obscurer it provides three different level of security apart from encryption


What is obscure?

Obscure is making a file unreadable to the naked eye.


What do I need to run ObscureEncrypter ?

You will need jre version 1.3 and above


What is the encryption Strength of ObscureEncrypter?

Version one only provides 168, due to export restrictions. Version 2 will be unlimited.


What Encryption algorithm does ObscureEncrypter use?

ObscureEncrypter currently only uses Blowfish though, other like DES are to be included in later releases


What JRE do I need?

You will need jre version 1.3 and above


What JDK do I need?

Jdk 1.3 and above is recommended though 1.2 will also work though not tested


Does ObscureEncrypter use a username and password

ObscureEncrypter uses a more secure means of encryption through the use of keys which provide a higher level of strength. You should treat the keys as you would treat your password.


What are their 3 files generated when I obscure the file?

Click Here for more info on this


Can I use the same key?

Yes the same key can be used. When encrypting a file simply uncheck the new key box


Can I use the same properties File?

No, new properties file have to be created otherwise they get deleted


Which file do I need to keep secure, i.e. hidden

The key should always kept secure and not near the obscured file. As you wouldn’t keep you pin number next to your credit card


How do I report a bug?

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How do I request extra features?

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How do I get further help?

Either Email Me or put in a support request


I have deleted my key accidentally what can I do?

Unfortunately nothing can be done if you loose your key











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